Practicing handstand holds face towards the wall.

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I've practiced through your seven week course (I have actually just done every episode once since I'm training other stuff too and O have been confident with the moves. The 6th I have done twice. My handstanding have gotten a leap for better. I still cant do free standing handstand for more then occasionally 3 sec (which is so frustrating, but I try to have patient and keep trying). So thank you for the course and your clear clarifications.

I was thinking the 7 th episode where we are holding a handstand against the wall with face towards it and just taking our toes off the wall for 3 sec and back. I am falling fairly easy backwards since I am so close to the wall and trying to have the weight on my fingers. It is interrupting because I have to go back up every time I fall. Is it better to do it this way or would it be better to go a littel further from the wall and trying to stay on the handstand more with just moving the feet on and off the wall?
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Natalie Reckert
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Thanks for sharing your experience and for doing the 7 week course!

Try to be a bit further away from the wall when you are doing endurance holds with your face towards the wall. Like one or two times the length of your hand away from the wall so that you have slightly more space.

The benefit of facing the wall is that you are more likely to be in a position with good alignment.
With your back towards the wall you are on the other hand more likely to be in a banana position.
Having your front towards the wall also allows you to work on keeping the ribs in, as in this position if you are not keeping your ribs in they will touch the wall and you will know that you need to push more.

So these are the main benefits of having your front against the wall.

I would say though that if you feel like you are holding your handstands in a well aligned position in general it is fine to keep your back against the wall.
Most people will have a preference for one or the other.
Before you get super frustrated with falling all the time I think better keep doing it with your back against the wall.

Hope that helps,
Best wishes and happy practicing,
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Thank you for your answer! I try to have variety in my practice so I will practice both for sure. Maybe I'll come a little more away from the wall than I've done this far and see how that goes.
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