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Hi all,

I came accross the 30 Day Handstand Course on You Tube during lockdown and upon completion, bought the 7 week course. Not sure when I started, probably about ten months ago now.

I did not complete the course in the seven weeks, in fact it took me about eight months, as I did not progress onto the next session until I was comfortable with the previous one. Sure, I could of moved on over the shorter timeframe but I doubt I would of enjoyed it as much as I have. Still struggle with the tuck and straddle jump ups, so now I just set a little more time aside to revisit them.

I have to smile when I remember progressing onto Week 7 and I had a sneak preview. I thought, I will never be able to do that, and that or that, however you do master it over time. The majority of things seem to click into place and you dont realise until you remembered you struggled with it.

I just wanted to post that I found it beneficial taking my time and enjoying the journey, as its not all about the destination.

Getting to practice on a daily basis also helps tremendously. I have to commute to work, there and back and some days it has been a real struggle, so I just decided to get up an hour earlier and get on with it.

I have really enjoyed doing something completely different. I was never a gymnast but always been pretty flexible and the handstand journey I am currently on, helps keep me fit, I question the healthy though !!! as at times could of done with an oxygen mask.

Thanks very much Natalie for putting the videos onto You Tube and producing the courses. I am sure they give a lot of people the help and guidance they need.

Currently I can hold a freestanding handstand for approx 5 seconds, with the odd one lasting a little longer. Going to give it a few more months and move onto the Press Handstand Course, hopefully when the 5 second holds become 20 seconds. Forever hopeful.

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Natalie Reckert
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Hello and thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and experiences!

It made me really happy to read how you dealt with all the challenges as well as your perception of progress.

I am also very impressed that you managed to practice every day despite your long commute!

It really is this type of daily practice that makes you progress in handstands. It takes a long time to learn a new skill and in particular an unusual new skill, like handstands.

Great that you really took your time! And well done for managing to hold 5 seconds by now.

Here are two things that I thought you might find helpful:

An article form my blog about the time frame of handstand practice ... -and-time/

This is about breathing in a handstand, as it sounded like that is something that doesn't come easily to you in the handstand:

All the best for your handstand practice and take care,
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