Holding a handstand on the wall

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Hi Natalie,

I'm almost at the end of the preparation course and most of it is fine (push ups and planks are no problem at all). But I'm really struggling with holding a handstand on the wall. 15 seconds seems doable, 20 seconds is really, really pushing it... I only got there once today. The other attempts I got about 15-18 seconds.

There are two problems that I can make out:

One is to actually balance against the wall. Every so often, I can't stay on the wall but fall out of the handstand. Do I need to "pull the stomach in towards the spine" (that's a quote... ;-) ) more to actually hold myself on the wall? Or is there something else that I should do?

The other is that I feel like my arms will bend. And like my upper arms are giving in. Maybe I'm not straightening my arms enough. Would it help with straightening arms if I places my palms with fingers facing more sideways?

Maybe I just have to push through this. Maybe it'll all become clear with the seven week course. I'll start that on Saturday and am wondering what it'll be like to increase the intensity of the training again. Looking forward to that! :-)

I'm loving your courses, btw! They are really keeping me fit during a pandemic! And it's so nice to have something to look forward to every day what with lockdown, distance learning of the kids and homeoffice plus all the usual chores, tax and whatnot.

Thanks again!

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