Episode 6 (and 5)

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Hi Natalie

Thank you for this course. I've just finished with week 5 (which is the week I've started with), and I've made quite a bit of progress which I'm very happy about. It's really a great structured program - and it's very exhausting!! Wow :D

However, I have one thing, that is limiting myself - the mobility of the back of my hamstrings, I just cannot extend both legs at the same time. :evil:
This means: In week 5, the leg warm-up - exercise, both of my legs (the one on the ground and the one in the air) are bent.

In week 6 there's even more exercises that are affected: The straddle mobility exercise, I manage to get an angle of about 60 degrees between my legs - not even close. And also the exercise with the chair - I just cannot extend the leg in the air at all, it stays bent - which I think defeats the purpose.

Are there any exercises you can recommend to mobilise/stretch them (I understand it won't be something I can fix in the short term) or variations of the exercises that are easier for me?

Thank you and kind regards

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Natalie Reckert
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Hello Flavio,

Thank you for sharing your experience and I am happy to hear you are making good progress.

I see what you mean.

I build on the previous episodes for both stretches and condotioning. So you have also jumped in right at the deep end of the conditioning, well done for that :)

So in Episode 5, the exercises from downward facing dog is quite a challenging one. Try to only lift the back leg focussing on keeping both legs straight, it does not have to go higher than 45°. That would be the first step of this exercise.

For the straddle stretches in Episode 6, your main focus should be to sit up straight, sitbones touching the ground. Just do the flex and point part, don't worry too much about the pancake stretch yet, that does take a bit of time to develop.

For the chair exercise: either do it against the wall or use a table or ladder (a stable ladder please :) ) If the bottom leg is higher you will find it easier to straighten both legs. This exercise has the purpose to mentally prepare you for a free standing handstand away from the wall, so if fear is not your biggest obstacle it may also not be the most imprortant exercise for you.

Handstands show you all the weak spots in your body, so now you have discovered the hamstring issue :)
From what you describe I would suggest you invest 20 a day into basic hamstring stretches, it will pay off in the long run.
Here is a video that may help you:

I hope this helps and I am looking at making more legmobility stuff available online as it is an important aspect of handstand practice.

Best wishes let me know if you have any more questions,
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Thank you for the pointer to your video - I'll integrate a few exercises into my routine. And I've also found a few other good videos, now that I was looking for them. I've known about my hamstring/lower-back weakness for quite a while, but never found the motivation to work on it :evil:. But it became very apparent now, so I'll promise myself to work on it this time 8-)

I've now also bought the other videos - I'll work through them in the future. I was overrating my abilities a bit it seems ;-)
Even though the two weeks (it was 4 and 6 for some reason I also skipped 5 :shock: :lol: ) already progressed my handstand quite a bit, thank you for that!

Stay fit and healthy and thank you for your time, I appreciate it!
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Here's again my written out Episode
For me it's easier to practice when I'm familiar with the exercises. I can practice better in my own pace.

https://sites.google.com/view/katjascra ... /episode-6

[url][/https://sites.google.com/view/katjascra ... /episode-6

Sorry guys, loading a site doesn't work really great, but you can just copy the thing and open it in your browser anyway...

I'm not yet done with Episode 5 though, but now switching a little between 5 and 6....
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Natalie Reckert
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Thank you again for the great script :)
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Hi Natalie,
please, I need your advice - in episode 6 when I am practising different styles to get into handstand - straddle and bent legs - I realize that I am not able to get into handstand with my hands on the floor, I need a bit of swing - start with hands a bit over the floor or form standing. I am not able to jump so much when I have hands on the floor - please, can you recommend me some exercise to practise? Other exercise are ok, but this is the one I suffer. Thank you! Karolina
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