Exercises week 2, description

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I did an attempt to note the exercises, because I can't do the whole thing yet. And to do less repeats or less time for training, it's easier for me to do this without the video. Perhaps someone also wrote it down? Otherwise, perhaps it's useful for other people as well?
I noted it also there:

https://sites.google.com/view/katjascra ... ice/week-2

I started with week 2 to do so...

Arms up, push up with shoulders 5 x
Arms up, push up by rounding ribs under and pulling belly-button in 5 x
Squat, walk out till in plank position, walk back again to squat and stand up again, do this also to both sides and to the back, 3 min
Bear walks to front, back, sidewards, crab walk to front, back, sidewards, 3 min
Downward facing dog, dive threw by bending the arms (pressed against your sides) till upward facing dog, go back again by bending the knees and pushing back diagonally, head close to the ground, activate ribs + abs, 6 x, 2 sets
Child position, rest 1 min
Leg swings, 10 x each side
Leg actively swing to front, lounge back to a quick stretch of the hips, 10 x each side
Wide straddle, knees above toes, hands or ellbows on thighs, move left + right, push knees to the back in order to stretch the inner hips, 10 x
Straddle, hands on floor, bend legs, straighten legs (sitbones and then head is dragging you to the ground), 5 x
19:12 From the straddle position with hands on floor, walk the hands to one leg, put the left hand on the right foot (left arm is against that leg) and straighten the right arm above to the ceiling looking to that hand, making a twist, hold for 5 sec
Repeat on the other side
Do this windmill thing fast, 6 x
Lounge position, stretching hip with back leg, 5 sec
20:00 Step in back leg (still in a somewhat smaller lounge position), straighten front leg, lay your upper body over the front leg, hold 5 sec (breath in and come up to horizontal back, breath out sinking down again), 2 x, hold 5 sec
Other side
23:17 Side straddle go-threws: feet facing to the sides, hands on floor, pushing away, go down with one bend knee, hold stretch 5 sec
Other side, hold 5 sec
Quick straddle go-threws from side to side, 10 x
26:00 Plank holds, feet on chair/couch
20 x scapula push up's
20 x front to back pushing with feet
20 x knees to ellbows
2 sets (1 min break)
Upward facing dog, slide feet (with socks) up till hips above wrists, pushing with hands, all weight on the hands till standing, sliding back again, all the time curved core, head in,
5 x, 2 sets
Handstand prep
33:00 Feet on box/couch, hands on floor, knees bend. Push out threw the knees, butt up in the air above the wrists, bending knees again to come down
20 x, 2 sets
Adding at 2nd set: scapula push up's 20 x
3rd set: only scapula push up's 20 x
37:00 Hands on the floor, knees bend, jump up with both feet together till back is straight and hips are in line with the wrists/shoulders, 'bunny-hops',
20 x, 3 sets
41:00 L-shape against the wall, back straight, ribs pulled in, hips above wrists/shoulders
20 sec hold, 3 sets
45:00 L-shape against the wall 10 sec + scapula push-up's in L-shape 10 x
2 sets
47:00 Straddle-walk = begin with hands on floor, feet slidly to the side, putting one foot up the wall, then placing the second foot, stepping down to the other side foot for foot, like making a half-circle against the wall. In the middle you pass the L-shape with slightly bend legs. So, no plank-position, but the L-shape where the butt is above the wrists/shoulders
10 x, 3 sets
50:00 Stretches
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Natalie Reckert
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Hello Katja,

Thank you so much for sharing this!

It looks really great!

What a fantastic way to tailor the program to your needs!

That is exactly the right way to go about it, slowly repeat the reps until you can do them.

Looking forward to hearing how it goes!

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