Stuck at day 24

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Hello everyone!
I've followed the Couch to Handstand Course religiously for the past 3 weeks but find myself having issues to kick to the handstand. I can handstand against a wall for up to a minute, without too much difficulty, so I feel that it's not so much my arms that are the problem, but maybe my leg flexibility or my core strength.
Would you recommend I start over from day 20?
Or would the first week of the 7-week handstand course help with this issue?
Thank you so much!
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Natalie Reckert
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Dear Ingrid,

Thank you very much for sharing your experience!

Day 24 is indeed the most common day to get stuck on, it is where everything needs to come together for one big combined effort to kick up against the wall.

In general, if the kick up does not work it is because you are arching your back (as opposed to rounding it) or you are not jumping and swinging the leg hard enough.

Here is a video on the kick up, maybe that helps:

How are you usually getting up onto the wall, if you say that you can hold the handstand easily that sounds like you can go up onto the wall?

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