Stuck at lift off

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Hi Natalie.
I have been moving through the course slowly.
I'm on week 6 and doing lots of negatives. The lowering of the legs is getting slower.
Doing some of the drills I am unable to get my feet to lift off the ground.
I have photos of myself in the full toe point position and can see me hips aren't over my hands.
To me the position looks good but I can't see how to get the hips up. I guess I could have more of a lean but I'm quite far forward as it is.
I can show the photo of that helps.
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Natalie Reckert
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Hello Hamish,

Great that you got all the way until week 6.

If the negatives are getting slower, that is already a very good sign.

How is your lift off with an elevation, from what you say it sounds like you could benefit from practicing the lift off with an elevation of 10 cm, for example yoga block or similar.

When the toes are at the highest point your hips are most likely not quite above the hands yet, that will be the work of the lift off.

Do let me know how you managed in the meantime and if an elevation could help.

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