Prepare for handstands

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I recently purchased your ”Prepare for handstands”-course. While I find the cues for the kick-ups very useful I still have a lot of problems getting my hips above the shoulders and hands (see video):

Any pointers would be appreciated

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Natalie Reckert
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Hello Mattias,

Thank you for asking a question and for buying the course :)

You round your back really well as you start, which is great.

Step two, after rounding your back is to open the shoulders.
Think of pushing the hands into the floor and back as you kick up.
First round, then open.
Remember how I talk about opening the shoulders by thinking of pushing the base of the hand up and back in the handstand?
That needs to happen in the kick up too, as the last step.

My second bit of advice is: close the second leg quickly after the first one goes up! It will give you extra momentum so that you can touch the wal and apply the "open shoulders" cure by pushing the shoulders up and back.
If you can then add yet another cue :) maybe not all at once, also think of rotating the arms and shoulder out, your shoulder blades pulling together at the back.
Rounding the back makes your arms rotate slightly inwards with your shoulder blades moving away from each other (the body does this naturally to create a stronger position) In torder for your shoulders to open overhead, your arms then need to rotate out (I find it useful to imagine my armpits are turing to the side) with your shoulder blades pulling towards each other.

It looks like your elbows are slightly bending? Push them very straight.

Your shoulder mobility is a bit limited, the more you work on that the easier handstands will get.

Here is a video about doing kick-up with limited shoulder mobility which may help you:

Hope this helps, and please do ask if anything is unclear.

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