Episode 5

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Dear Natalie and everyone,

Hi there - so glad to discover this forum. Great to be able to ask questions and see what other people have asked (I had a question about the reason why we train endurance sets with back/front to the wall, but I see it's already been asked - v helpful).

I have 2 questions about episode 5:

1. Taking steps with the hands - I've only just started this episode, but I found this exercise very challenging. I do still need to work on my upper body strength reps, so I was wondering whether this was the reason I was finding it so hard?

2. Endurance exercises - is it advisable to get handstand blocks at this point in the training series, to take the strain off the wrists? Or is it too soon, as a relative beginner, to do this?

Thank you for your brilliant course Natalie - love the challenge!

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Natalie Reckert
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Hello Celia,

thank you for the lovely feedback and thank you for your question.

The steps are quite challenging, start with smaller sets if you find them difficult. Aim at 6 steps first, so that is three times left-right.

The reson why you may find this hard is also that you may be falling towards the hand that you have taken off. If that happens than that means that when you put down the hand next time you have to catch not only your body weight but your body weight plus the momentum of your body fallin towards that hand. Does it make sense?
It is the difference between pushing into the ground left right left or falling towards the ground. You wnat to think of pushing away not of catching yourself.

I think that handstand blocks are a great help for the endurance sets. I would recommend them for everyone. The strength in your wrists develops better with blocks and it makes the endurance slightly less grinding.

Let me know if I can help with anything else,
Best wishes
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