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Hello everyone!

I've been doing handstands on and off for several years and this year I've really decided to stick to it. Started the 7 week course (week 2 is kicking my ass but in a really productive way, Natalie...you are absurdly strong) and my goal is to get my tuck jump right. I've been working about 3 to 4 times a week for the last 2 months with the tuck videos from the handstand library and they have really helped, but it's still not consistent, nor can I really do it well without the wall (my scissor kick ups without the wall are ok).

Whenever I try doing it against a wall + with a cord around my elbows (a fellow circus friend suggested this tip so that I don't bend my arms), it works amazingly. It's so easy to get up, my hips stack above the shoulders, my shoulders open and little cherub angels start singing.

So I'll keep on doing the tuck videos + the 7 week videos, but my question is: Why is it so much easier when using the cord than without? Is it the placement? Is it the tension? Utterly intrigued.

Also, thank you so much Natalie for all the free videos on youtube and all the affordable videos on vimeo, you are such an amazing teacher and performer, you really inspire me to keep going at my practice.

Have a lovely day,

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Natalie Reckert
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Hello Moni,

That is a super interesting question.
And great to hear that you are so committed to a regular practice!

I think that the elastic gives you something to push against to the side and that creates a bracing in your back.
When the upper back tenses/braces it contribute to levering the body up. It is like a mix between rounding the back and straightening it so that the back gets "stuck" somehwere in the middle, the tightness that this creates helps lever the body up.
It is used as a technique in a press to handstand too, where I often give the cue to try and "rip the floor apart" with the hands to create the pressing strength.

Another helpful way to think about the tuck is to first round the back and then think of pulling the hips back and open the shoulders, so you have in essence 2 steps: 1. round the back and push into the floor 2. draw the hips back and open the shoulders.

I think the elastic facilitates the second part, where you have to draw the hips back and open the shoulders.

Hope that gives food for thought :)

Thank you for sharing your experience and I hope it is going well past week 2.
You can modify the reps if it gets too intense.

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